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It was relatively easy for me to learn things at school, apart from some courses in mathematics. I almost always got very good grades. This did not significantly change when I started university.

However, in the course of my life I have learned that learning something important can be really challenging and still worth it. If I could travel back in time, I would tell it to my teenage self. In those days, I could only think in terms of ”if this is not easy, I am not good at it”.

I am not afraid that the course which I am taking now, Open Networked Learning, will turn out to be too difficult for me. However, having understood that mistakes belong to learning, I have a more relaxed attitude to attending new courses.

  • Blog 1: Topic 1

    24 september, 2019 av

    I post about what I have learned in the course Open Networked Learning ONL192. The way we should develop digital literacies is more progressive than sequential. — Doug Belshaw. In the past ten years, I have worked at five different universities in Finland and Sweden. During my past four years in Sweden, I have worked… Läs mer

  • Blog 5: Topic 5

    5 december, 2019 av

    Open Networked Learning: Lessons Learnt I found this Star Wars meme when I searched for memes that would relate to my experience of the course Open Networked Learning. We did not use it in our group project when our task was to create a meme that described our joint experience. It was a good decision,… Läs mer

  • Blog 4: Topic 4

    27 november, 2019 av

    Design for online and blended learning: Comments on emotions In this blog, I will simply focus on the few words that I exchanged with Marti Cleveland-Innes during the webinar on 26 November. I told her that I would like to see if my students or colleagues are happy when I teach a course or chair… Läs mer

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